Peen-Rite, Inc. serves aviation and auto manufacturing clients with an array of shot peening and blasting services for projects of any size and scope. Our team of experienced professionals takes a personal stake in getting the job done right the first time. That kind of dedication, backed by years in the industry, is what makes Peen-Rite, Inc. your top choice for all types of metal reinforcement projects.


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​Auto Manufacturing


  1. Fast turnaround times
    We offer a streamlined process; reliable machinery and computer aided software, and can meet highly technical industry specs.

  2. Pricing
    ​We have a lean operation, low overhead, and are willing to work with you. No job is too big or small - from walk-ins with bike frames to large-scale aviation projects.

  3. Quality
    We have few returns and many recommendations through word-of-mouth.

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  1. Shot Peening
  2. Wet Blasting
  3. Abrasive Blasting​
  4. Ceramic Blasting​
  5. Plastic Media Blasting
  6. Sand Blasting